Dental Tips For Back to School

Sep 15, 2011

happy child in classroomSummer vacation is over and your kids and teens are back to school for another year of sugary snacks and lunchbox meals. They’re got a haircut, a few new outfits and enough school supplies to get them through at least first semester; but are their teeth ready? Your dental experts at Mulberry Dental have developed a list of dental tips that will make the back to school transition easier on your kid’s teeth and gums:

  • Pack lunches and snacks that are oral health friendly. Fruit, nuts, string cheese and bottled water are all good choices. Avoid sticky foods like raisins or fruit leather, as they can cause cavities.
  • Make it worth your kids while to brush and floss. Just as we reward our children for good grades, create a reward for a no cavities dental check-up! Encourage excellent oral health habits while they are young, and they’ll repeat these habits for their entire life.
  • Time for fresh new toothbrushes for the whole family! While getting binders, paper, pencils and pens don’t forget to buy new toothbrushes for the whole family. Old, worn-out toothbrushes lose their effectiveness to remove plaque and clean the teeth. September is a great time to update!
  • Make oral health habits easy at school. Put a toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss in with their lunch and encourage them to clean their teeth after lunch. Studies show that excellent oral habits at school in addition to at home care, decrease risk of cavities and tooth decay found in children.

You’d be surprised, but as the most significant health problem for children, 51 million hours of in-class study is lost every year due to tooth decay! Keeping your kids hygiene habits in check can prevent future dental bills and ensure excellent overall health for a lifetime.

For children and teens, routine hygiene visits address more than just tooth decay. We take a close look at how your kid’s pearly whites are growing. In addition, the team at Mulberry Dental will monitor the effectiveness of their oral health habits, as well as apply fluoride treatment and sealants, which help to protect problems before they occur. Using an ultrasonic cleaner we polish your child’s teeth by removing built up plaque and tartar to really make their smile sparkle.

So while you are shopping and caught in the back to school rush – contact the family dental team in Brunaby to book your next dental check-up today and prevent future dental issues down the road.

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