M​odern Technology At Your Burnaby Dental Clinic

Advanced Technology at your Burnaby Dental Clinic

Mulberry Dental, your Burnaby dental clinic, uses the latest technology to bring you modern dentistry. Highlights include digital radiographydigital communications, and Velscope oral cancer screening.

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Burnaby Dental Clinic

Digital Radiography

No more wedging film between your teeth and gums or waiting around for negatives to develop. We get your imaging right on our screens, almost instantly! Your Highgate dentist uses with digital x-rays which have a small electronic sensor that sends a crystal-clear image of your teeth to our computer monitor!

Our computer can compare recent digital x-rays with past ones, so it can detect even the slightest changes in the appearance of your teeth. That means problems are caught sooner when they are easier and less expensive to treat.

The most important advantage you will enjoy from this technology is the reduced exposure to radiation. Digital x-rays reduce radiation exposure up to 90% when compared to film-based technology used in the past!

Digital Communications

Keeping our patients up to speed with our new services, promotions and solutions is very important to us.

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