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May 31, 2011


We welcome you to our brand new blog.  You may be asking yourself, ‘why does my dentist have a blog?’ which is an excellent question.  The Mulberry Dental blog will act as an interactive avenue for connecting you with a spectrum of interesting, informative material that relate to your health and lifestyle.  It will also serve as a platform through which we can highlight and educate you about the many services, treatments, and promotions on the go at our Burnaby dental clinic.

At Mulberry Dental, our range of treatment options and advanced services are scientifically proven to invigorate, protect and restore your oral health for years to come.  Our clinically proven methods and leading edge technology are the winning combination to achieving outstanding results every time.  You can trust that at Mulberry Dental your oral health is our first priority.

Please feel free to respond to any of our posts with your thoughts, questions or comments.

Happy reading!


The Mulberry Dental Team

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